Birthday Party Tips


ALL of these suggestions are for You, and Your Child, and for Your Party Guest is to get the most out of the Birthday Party Experience and to get the most out of the Boocoos the Clown Party Show!

· Boocoos suggest that he arrives at the Birthday Party 15 to 30 minutes after the Start Time for a Birthday Party Guest – so that late guest arrivals will not miss or interrupt the Show!

· Always introduce the Birthday Child to the entertainer. In a room full of cute kids it may be hard for the entertainer to recognize the birthday child. This is also a good way to pronounce your child's name. The entertainer does not want to mispronounce your child's name throughout the party!

· Kids can easily get rambunctious during a clown show! Please if the kids are getting into the entertainer's box, bag, or pockets, or if the kids start to pull the clown's nose, hat, etc. please step in and and tell the kids to keep their hands to themselves. A clown entertainer is not a good disciplinarian! Boocoos the Clown is a children's entertainer; not a babysitter!

· Face Painting is Fun! But Face Painting take time! Just remember that Face Painting takes at least 2-3 minutes per child for simple artwork and more time for full-faced artwork. Just 10 kids can be 30 minutes plus of Face Painting time!

Boocoos the clown is a great Children’s Entertainer but Boocoos is not a face painter! An alternative to face painting... Boocoos would be happy to bring a wide assortment of temporary tattoos for all of the kids!

But Boocoos now offers a Birthday Party Package of one-hour Clown Show and Balloons with Boocoos the Clown and one-hour of a wonderful Face Painting with an Experienced Face Painter!


· Bounce Houses are Great for Birthday Parties! The kids are excited and they need to burn off energy – Let them! But allow at least 30 minutes of “Jump Time” before the Clown Show. You do not want the Bounce House to be a distraction from the Clown Show!

· Kids are not good at multitasking! “Cake Time” should be exclusively “Cake Time.” It is difficult to hold children’s attention for a show if you want the kids to be eating at the same time. Even making balloon animals for the kids is not as much fun or personal while the kids are eating.

· Pizza Parties are Fun… but again you need to have time set aside for the Clown Show and time set aside for eating Pizza! Children’s Pizza & Entertainment Establishments usually have private rooms for Birthday Parties – the only problem is that you have a time set reservation – Make sure you allow enough time for everything!