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This picture has a story: Boocoos was juggling clubs when as part of the act Boocoos hit s himself on the head with the juggling clubs to the delight of the kids. But when Boocoos finished with a flourish of "Owww!" This wonderful little girl came rushing up to me asking,"Are you alright!" She was so serious and really concerned. I reassured her that Boocoos was fine. These are the moments Boocoos/I will remember forever!

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Boocoos “Stars & Stripes" Celebration Part 1

Boocoos “Stars & Stripes" Celebration Part 2

Boocoos the Clown at the "Stars & Stripes"
Independence Day 4th of July Celebration!
Southlake Town Center

Boocoos the Clown at the City of Southlake
and Southlake Town Square's
"Stars & Stripes" Independence Day Celebration
July 3rd 2010.
"Stars & Stripes" Independence Day Celebration WMV

Boocoos at the Ennis Public Library 2010

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Tell Boocoos about your Special Event!
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Nathan got to meet his first clown today
at the North Garland public library - he loved it!
(and was probably the loudest giggler in the room).

Sent in July 24, 2010
My son, Nathan, and I loved your show today at the North Garland library. Since he is not quite 3 yet and has never seen a clown before I wasn't sure how he would react. But he had a great time! It's too bad he wasn't sitting closer I'm sure he would have gladly picked up the balls you dropped -that is if he wasn't laughing too hard! I thought you'd like to see the picture that we took just before leaving.

Have a great day and continue having fun bringing laughter to children and smiles to the faces of their parents.

Mrs. Jennifer Brown

Milagros Diaz & Boocoos Cumpleanos de la Chiky!
Daniella & Milagros Diaz!
En una tarde linda, no podia esperar mas, la pasamos lindo,
feliz cumpleanos!!!

Send in August 8, 2010
Hey Boocoos Thank you so much for coming to Positano, Daniela and all the kids loved you!!!, It was a great show, see you soon!!!

Milagros Diaz

Boocoos the Clown with his Box Full of FUN!!!

Dear Mr. Aune, (Boocoos)
Monday, March 19, 2012 10:47 PM

Thank you very much for a wonderful performance at our son’s 5th birthday party. Boocoos the Clown was a great hit! As parents of the birthday boy, we were particularly grateful for the squeals of delight from the kids, as well as the wide smiles on the faces of the grown ups throughout your one hour long performance. Quickly creating beautiful balloon hats for each child, when everyone sat down to eat, was a very nice touch. We’re sure that everyone attending – kids and grown ups alike – will remember Boocoos the Clown very fondly for a long time.

Thank you for helping to make our son’s birthday a memorable event.


Harish & Vani

Braden’s 3rd Birthday Party February 22, 2014 in Decatur, TX.


Thank you for making my sons 3rd birthday one that not only the kids will never forget but the parents as well. The laughter that came out from everyone was a moment no mother will ever forget. You are AMAZING at what you do, truly a gifted talent. Thanks again.
Wanda Mills 2/24/14

Tell Boocoos about your Birthday Party!
Tell Boocoos about your Special Event!
Send Boocoos Your Pictures!

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