The Princess and the Frog...
A Lost Ball in the Well Story.

The Princess and the Frog...
a lost ball in the well story
A beautiful story told by 14 year old Joy which inspired the Princess and the Frog a lost ball in the well story and written by Osten Aune.

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago in a land far, far away a beautiful Princess with was playing in the nearby woods.

She chased butterflies, sat under big shade trees and gazed at the fluffy white clouds that were floating by. Some of the clouds looks like animals; dogs and bears mostly.

Princess brought her prized red ball with her. Princess liked to bounce the ball. Princess liked to throw it high up into the air. Princess liked to kick and chase the ball. Princess’ red ball was her favorite toy and playmate and she loved to play outdoors.

One day as she was kicking a ball down a hill the red ball rolled and rolled, but if feel down into an abandoned well. As she approached the well she could her the THUMP and SPLASH as the red ball fell to the bottom.

Princess was upset, she began to cry! Poor little Princess and lost her favorite toy and friend. A green frog hopping nearby heard the Princess’ cries. The green frog hopped over to see what was the matter.

“Why are you so sad and crying, pretty princess dear?”

I kicked my favorite red ball down the hill and it fell down into the well and I’ll never get to play with my red ball ever again.” And she continued to sob and cry.

Now the frog was a smart and crafty frog full of surprises. The green frog told her not to cry that he would jump into the well and retrieve her red ball; if she would just repay him with a kiss.

“YUCK!” said the Princess, “Kiss a Frog!”

The frog was disappointed and began to hop away.

Princess looked at the well and looked back at the frog.

“Okay, Okay, I’ll kiss a frog. Just get my red ball out of the well and return it to me. This made the frog HAPPY and he hippity-hopped back!

“You’ll return this favor with a kiss?” the frog asked.

“YES” promised the Princess.

So the frog looked down the well and hopped (leaped) right in. With a big SPLASH the frog hit the water and saw the Princess’ red ball floating and bobbing around. He put the ball in his mouth and looked up. Oh NO! It was easy to get down but how to get up.

The frog popped the ball out of his mouth and began to yell from below.  “H-E-L-P!” How do I get out of here?”

The Princess could hear the frogs echoes come from the well; help-help-help.

The Princess cried I don’t know what to do!

The frog cried out, “Go get help!”

So the Princess ran back to home and told her Queen Mother what she had done. The King ordered and sprang into action, get a bucket and a rope.

The King and Queen followed the Princess to the abandoned well. The Queen Mothers scorned, “You were warned not to ever play here!”

“I’m sorry mother”, and she started to cry.

The King said stop your tears, he told the town’s villagers tie the rope to the bucket, and gently lower it to rescue this poor frog who tried to comfort and help my precious Princess dear.

The villagers carefully lowered the rope. The frog gratefully jumped in and the villagers began to reel him in. Slowly but surely there was the green frog. The frog was so happy to be saved and began to smile. And when the frog smiled his big grin, there was the red ball within.

The little Princess gave a big sigh, “Oh My! I have my red ball back again.”

She thanked the frog and turned away, but the frog cried back, “What about you’re Promise Princess?” You promised me a kiss if I returned your beautiful red ball.”

“YUCK! Kiss a frog, I’ll have none of this for I’m a Princess.”

(This is where I need Joy’s HELP, What did the people say? I don’t remember how it went!)

The King told the little Princess. “Keeping your Promise is always BEST!”

And then the Queen Mother chimed in, “Keeping your Promise is always BEST!”

And the villagers who had helped to rescue the frog also had pity for the poor sad frog and then the villagers in a chorus, “Keeping your Promise is always BEST!”

And then the King, and the Queen, and the villagers sang, “Keeping your Promise is always BEST!”

The Princess had a burst of conscience, this is putting me to the TEST!  I should always try to do my best, and,

“Keeping your Promise is always BEST!”

So the Princess with a tear in her eye picked up the frog and said, “I’m so sorry, let me give you a thankful kiss.” 

She kissed the frog and much to her surprise the butterflies came to dance and fly. The blue skies and clouds revealed a dazzling rainbow. Dandelions blowing in the wind, with their ball of seeds began to fly around. The dandelion seeds looked like snowy confetti falling to the ground. And then in a puff of smoke came a bright light and amazingly the little green frog turned into a handsome little-boy-Prince.

And as time went by the Princess and frog Prince often went to play in the fields nearby. They chased butterflies, picked dandelions, sat under big shade trees and watched the fluffy white clouds float by.

But they remembered their parents warning, “Never play in the field with the abandoned well nearby!”

And the Princess and the Prince they both grew up and led good lives and they always kept their promises because, “Keeping your Promise is always BEST!”

And they lived happily ever after!

The End

I'd kiss a frog even if there was no promise of a Prince Charming popping out of it. I love frogs.

Cameron Diaz


There is no place in a city that can't be better. There is no toad that can't be a princess, no frog that can't become a prince. 

Jaime Lerner


I'm not a diva. I'm a tadpole trying to be a frog. 

Toni Braxton

Boocoos the Clown at the Mesquite Main Library for their Summer Reading Club Party.    One of the Best Things was a "Story Time." First Boocoos told the kids a short-short story and then a 14 year old girl, Joy wanted to tell a story, so I invited her to tell her story. Her story was GREAT! It was about a Princess that dropped her ball down a well. A frog offered to retrieve her ball if he would kiss her. "Get the Ball First!" The frog gets the ball returns it to the girl. Frog kept his promise but the Princess refused to kiss the frog, but after her conscience bothered her, and she returned to keep her promise to kiss the frog. YUCK! Wouldn't you know it, the frog turned into a handsome Prince. And the moral of the story is to Keep Your Promises, you don't know what wonderful things will happen when you Keep Your Promise! Her story was soooo good I invited her to tell the story again; she would be the words and Boocoos would be be the pictures. It was completely spontaneous and ad lib but it worked out great! It was so good, I think it will be part of a New Boocoos the Clown Show! Woo-Hoo!

I envision this as a child that is a good reader (that can read loudly so they can be heard) that is selected by the librarian to read the story or a gifted volunteer, or the librarian themselves! 

As they read the story, Boocoos (the storyteller; not in clown makeup) acts as the pictures to the story.

Also the audience has to play a part! The children have to look for butterflies and clouds in the sky. They have to bounce the ball and they have to cry. They have a speaking role too:“Keeping your Promise is always BEST!” They join with the King, Queen and Villagers,“Keeping your Promise is always BEST!”

I see this as a great opportunity for the Teen Summer Reading to engage a student with a storytelling role! Much audience participation throughout the story. And much fun and laughter with Boocoos or another student volunteer to be the PICTURES!