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Boocoos the Clown

Boocoos the Clown's NEW Changes & Look for 2018

Starting in 2018 Boocoos the Clown will be sporting a new look with a beard. The picture above is not a good representation; Boocoos will have a new derby and costume!

Why the Change? Boocoos is getting older. Boocoos has been around since 1984. Boocoos is a grandfather and a great-grandfather. Boocoos may be getting older but that does not mean that Boocoos is slowing down! Boocoos is still and will always be the same loveable, high-energy character.

Boocoos is the same Clown With or "Without Makeup!"

2020 Calendar

June 5,Friday 9:00-12:00 noon Smith Public Library Wylie FB

June 26, Friday 10:00-11:00 AM Van Zandt County Library in Canton

Boocoos the Clown is very busy during the summer months.
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Boocoos the Clown
Library Reading Club Shows

Boocoos the Magical Juggling Clown presents the "Silly Stuff" Clown Show at the Ennis Public Library for their Summer Reading Club 2009.

"The Silly Stuff Clown Show!"

Boocoos the Clown is a one-man circus! Boocoos entertains children of all ages with his gentle but funny clown character, comedy magic, juggling, plate spinning & balancing tricks, parasol & ball spinning, balloon twisting, with lots of audience participation, and much, much more!

Boocoos at the Ennis Public Library 2010

Boocoos the Clown
at the Ennis Public Library 2010
Windows Media Video

"Where Do Clowns Come From?"

BOOCOOS even performs a “Where Do Clowns Come From?” for Library Reading Clubs where Boocoos/Osten Aune comes in as himself as a person and talks about clowns through the ages, clown makeup, and about “clown character.” Then Boocoos puts on his clown makeup and costume right before their eyes followed by a Boocoos the Clown Show! “Where Do Clowns Come From?” is educational and it helps children and adults who have “Coulrophobia” (fear of clowns), and is fun, and entertaining!

Boocoos puts on his makeup right in front of all of the kids!

Boocoos even does a quick change from his overalls
to his Clown Costume to the delight of the children!

Boocoos puts on his makeup, puts on his costume,
and then Boocoos is ready to start a "Silly Stuff Clown Show!"

Boocoos talking to his little buddy, WADE!

Boocoos has a "Little Helper!"
Boocoos needs all the help he can get!

This picture truly is one of my favorites that I will always remember! Boocoos had just finished juggling clubs and with his slapstick comedy, Boocoos kept hitting himself on the head with the juggling clubs - much to the delight of the children! Then Boocoos throws a club high up into the air and catches the clubs down on his knees. This adorable (Not-A-Door-Bell) little girl rushed to Boocoos, "Are you OK???" to help him to feel better from getting hit on the head! How Sweet!

Wowsers! Summertime Fun!

Boocoos the Clown
at the Schimelpenig Library VIDEO!
July 2011

This video was made by Libby the Children's Librarian at Schimelpenig Library in Plano! WOW! We really had a great time! Great Kidz!
Thank you so much for having me! :0)

Nathan got to meet his first clown today
at the North Garland public library - he loved it!
(and was probably the loudest giggler in the room).

Sent in July 24, 2010
My son, Nathan, and I loved your show today at the North Garland library. Since he is not quite 3 yet and has never seen a clown before I wasn't sure how he would react. But he had a great time! It's too bad he wasn't sitting closer I'm sure he would have gladly picked up the balls you dropped -that is if he wasn't laughing too hard! I thought you'd like to see the picture that we took just before leaving. Have a great day and continue having fun bringing laughter to children and smiles to the faces of their parents.

Mrs. Jennifer Brown

* Boocoos saw Nathan again in 2011... I hope to see Nathan again this year in 2012!

Boocoos the Clown
at the Sachse Public Library
June 2011

Boocoos the Clown
at the Sachse Public Library
Windows Media Video

Boocoos recommends that librarians consider taking pictures of the children during the performer’s shows – The Kids Love It!
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Boocoos the Clown at the Ritta & Truett Smith Library in Wylie, TX Dallas Morning New Thursday, June 18, 2015.