Face Painting

Boocoos the Clown is a great Children’s Entertainer but Boocoos is not a face painter! Boocoos does not know how to slow down! Boocoos the Clown is a high-energy children’s entertainer and somehow Boocoos’ clown character will not allow Boocoos to slow down! (That’s just too normal!)

An alternative to face painting... Boocoos would be happy to bring a wide assortment of temporary tattoos for all of the kids!

When you are face painting you are not entertaining (laughing giggling kids are hard to paint well!) With face painting you are focused on one child

Face painting can easily take 2 – 3 minutes per child = 20-30 minutes for just 10 kids!

Boocoos does not want to cut his high-energy clown show in half to do face painting! Boocoos does not want to sacrifice real clown skills of Juggling Tricks, Plate Spinning & Balancing Tricks, Parasol & Ball Spinning, and Comedy Magic for face painting!

But Face Painting is “Important and is Often Requested” so Boocoos offers a Birthday Party Package of one-hour Clown Show with Boocoos the Clown and one-hour of a wonderful Face Painting with an Experienced and Professional Face Painter!

Usually what works best is Boocoos performs his Clown Show and then at the last 20 minutes the Face Painter arrives and simultaneously paints the children’s faces while Boocoos finishes with making balloon animals/hats/hearts/swords/etc.

This divide and conquer approach is great for larger birthday parties of
20+ kids or more! The kids have more entertainment, fun, with less waiting! Our experienced face painting artist can paint up to 20 children in 1 hour.

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