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"Real Clown Skills!"

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* Comedy Magic * Juggling * Balloons *
Clown Antics * Buffoonery * Slapstick Comedy
Plate Spinning & Balancing Tricks
Parasol & Ball Spinning
POI Flag Spinning
Neon Glow Light Ball & Club Juggling
Rainbow Ribbon Sky Writing

* Adorable Clown Character from Gentle to Crazy!

Of all of Boocoos’ Clown Skills which are the most important? Juggling? Balancing? The most important Clown Skills which Boocoos possesses are his Clown Character and his Clown Experience!

Boocoos’ Clown Character is adorable (not "a-door-bell") and gentle for young children and crazy, rambunctious but not obnoxious for older kids! Boocoos is a silly slapstick buffoon who looks at the world like a big child. Yet Boocoos is always a little mischievous, you never know exactly what he will do next! Yet you know that Boocoos will never use any rude off-color humor!

Boocoos makes the “difficult” look easy and makes the “easy” look difficult! Boocoos may be able to Juggle but can’t get his hat on right without the kids’ help!

Boocoos with his “Real Clown Skills” of Ball & Club Juggling, Comedy Magic, Plate Spinning & Balancing Tricks, Parasol & Ball Spinning,
NEON Glow Light Juggling, Ribbon Sky Writing, and Balloon Tricks & Twisting will make any Party, Special Event, Holiday Party, Festival or Fair, Grand Opening Promotion, Company Parties, or Company Picnics a
"Real Success"!

Boocoos has the Experience to make just about any situation work! Boocoos knows how to “pull the kid’s strings” of fun and laughter!

Boocoos the Clown “Real Clown Skills”
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Check out this Fun Filled Boocoos the Clown “Real Clown Skills” Video! Get a small taste of Boocoos the Clown’s Juggling, Plate Spinning & Balancing Tricks, Parasol & Ball Spinning, and much, much more!

Boocoos the Clown Stars & Stripes Independence Day Celebration!

NEON Festival FUN!

Boocoos at the Red River Revel
Boocoos the Clown at the Red River Revel Arts Festival
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Boocoos the Clown NEON GLOW Juggling!
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This is a really cool video of Boocoos the Clown’s NEON Glow Juggling!
The juggling balls and clubs are ever-changing colors creating a phantasmagoria of beautiful streaming light trails!

Boocoos the Magical Juggling Clown presents the "Silly Stuff" Clown Show at the Ennis Public Library for their Summer Reading Club 2009.
Boocoos the Clown: Library Reading Club at the Ennis Library

Boocoos the Clown The 30 Second Tour

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