Boocoos the Clown is a Professional Children's Performer!

Boocoos is NOT a Babysitter! 

A successful Child’s Birthday Party requires adult supervision! Please advise the children NOT to pull a Clown’s Nose, Santa’s beard, or the Easter Bunny’s tail!  When you hear the performer say, “Hands to Yourself!” the entertainer Needs Your Adult/Parental Intervention!!!

Also if the kids try to get into and open Boocoos’ Clown Box, tell the children to get out of the box.  They may get hurt! (*See note below)

If the kids try to get into Boocoos pockets filled with balloons, tell the kids to “STOP! Hands to Yourself.”(*See note below)

Do not let the children to stand on Boocoos’ Clown Trunk, Boocoos will tell them to get down; that they may fall and hurt themselves.  Boocoos will invite children to sit on the box for a picture taking opportunity!

Children get rambunctious and excited during Boocoos’ High Energy Clown Show; for the best memorable party; it requires your supervision!

Please keep the kids out of performer’s pockets!

·       Balloons in Boocoos’ pocket. Boocoos carries a wide variety of balloons to satisfy children’s balloon request.  There is probably $200.00 in balloons in Boocoos’ pocket. When a child gets into Boocoos’ pocket and grabs a handful of balloons; that is costing Boocoos $10-$20 dollars! Not appreciated!

·       In my Boocoos Clown Trunk I carry very specialized props that usually cannot be purchased locally and are expensive. I recently lost one special red bounce ball.  One ball out of a three ball set means NO juggling bounce tricks.  The replacement set was $30.00 plus shipping: 

So Please Keep Children out of Boocoos Clown Box!


Paying the Performer!

A child's Birthday Party is a BUSY time for the parents and may be stressful. You also want to concentrate on your guest; not worry about paying the performer!

  • CASH is always appreciated as a first choice. Please pay Boocoos inconspicuously! Children don't have to know that the clown's visit was a paid for event!
  • Give a relative or close friend an envelope with payment so you don't miss any of your child's Birthday Party!
  • You may pay Boocoos through PayPal! (You do not have to be a PayPal member!) This is very safe and secure way to pay the performers; the performers NEVER have your personal credit card information!

Please make your Credit Card Deposits and Payments with PayPal.


Boocoos has worked hard to be at your Special Event on time. Please be courteous and pay performer promptly after their performance! 

The performer may have another Special Event after your party!

Help the Performer get to their next engagement on time!

Thank you! & WooHoo!