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Boocoos the Clown is great for Children's Birthday Parties!
Boocoos will make Your Child the “Star” of the Show!

Boocoos is the same Clown With or "Without Makeup!"

There is Audience Participation for Everyone! Your child's friends and family ALL become a part of the show through much Audience Participation! The kids don’t just watch the show; they are an integral part of the show!

Boocoos the Clown is a one-man “Circus” and is wonderful for any Festive Occasion or “Circus” themed Special Events! From the moment Boocoos the Clown steps through the door he is filled with Fun, Excitement, Enthusiasm, and "Real Clown" Skills: Comedy Magic, Juggling, Plate Spinning, Parasol & Ball Spinning, Balancing Tricks, and Balloon Sculpture!

* Comedy Magic * Juggling * Balloons *
Clown Antics * Buffoonery * Slapstick Comedy
Plate Spinning & Balancing Tricks
Parasol & Ball Spinning
POI Flag Spinning
Neon Glow Light Ball & Club Juggling
Rainbow Ribbon Sky Writing

* Adorable Clown Character from Gentle to Crazy!

Please Read the CLOWN RULES!!!

Comedy Magic with “Ralf” the imaginary jumping dog, Juggling, Plate Spinning & Balancing Tricks, Balloon Tricks, Parasol & Ball Spinning all involve Audience Participation!

Boocoos the Clown “Real Clown Skills”
Windows Media Player

Birthday Parties with Boocoos the Clown are filled with Fun,
Lots of Audience Participation,
and Real Clown Skills
to make your Special Event
a Memorable Success without the all of the Stress!
Boocoos the Clown is the one thing
that you won't have to worry about!
Boocoos is Experienced & Dependable!

Boocoos the Clown at the Ennis Public Library
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Boocoos the Magical Juggling Clown presents the "Silly Stuff" Clown Show at the Ennis Public Library for their Summer Reading Club 2009.

IMPORTANT Safety: Please remind children
Not to try to open Boocoos Clown Trunk!

Please Read CLOWN RULES!

Boocoos the Clown brings the same intensity that he brings to
Clown Shows for larger audiences he brings to every Party!!!!


At the end of the Birthday Clown Show Boocoos makes balloon animals/hats/hearts/smilie faces/etc. for all of the kids!

There is always time for picture taking with Boocoos and all of the party guest if you request. You’re encouraged to take pictures during the show. Later send your pictures to “Tell Boocoos” and/or send your pictures to Boocoos the Clown on Facebook!

Dear Mr. Aune, (Monday, March 19, 2012)
Thank you very much for a wonderful performance at our son’s 5th birthday party. Boocoos the Clown was a great hit! As parents of the birthday boy, we were particularly grateful for the squeals of delight from the kids, as well as the wide smiles on the faces of the grown ups throughout your one hour long performance. Quickly creating beautiful balloon hats for each child, when everyone sat down to eat, was a very nice touch. We’re sure that everyone attending – kids and grown ups alike – will remember Boocoos the Clown very fondly for a long time.
Thank you for helping to make our son’s birthday a memorable event.
Harish & Vani

But what makes "Boocoos" Special is the
"Boocoos Clown Character!"

Gentle with young toddlers and preschoolers. The first thing that Boocoos does at a party is to connect with the children and to gain their trust. After building a rapport with the children, Boocoos can now fully entertain the children and hold their attention!

BOOCOOS knows how to make the youngest children comfortable and to enjoy the clown antics. Remember little children can easily be afraid of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and even large Character Costumed Characters. For small children a Clown is “Real!” Usually the characters from storybooks stay safely on the book pages; it is another thing when the characters/clown actually steps into reality in their lives!

Kids ages 5 years to 7 years are the prime ages for clown entertainment. They will talk about Boocoos the Clown Show and will remember it for a lifetime!

Older Kids are treated differently than toddlers and 5-7 year-olds! Boocoos the Clown knows how to turn older kids - even teenagers (who feel they may be too old for a clown) into "Having a Good Time and Laughs!"

When you have a mix of ages you get a little bit of all of the above

For Boocoos the Clown - "The more kids the merrier!" But every Party is different and unique! What happens for a small Party for younger children and what happens for a large Party for all ages are "Two Very Different Things!" Boocoos adjust his clown character and temperament to fit each Party! The main goal for Boocoos is to make your child a STAR, for your child to have a great and wonderful experience! Boocoos is NOT the star of the Boocoos Clown Show - the Birthday Child and guest are transformed into STARS through much "Audience Participation." The kids don't just watch the Clown Show -
They are an integral part of the show!

Boocoos understands that a child’s birthday (or any clown venue) is a very special event and takes his Clowning Responsibility very seriously (This is the only time Boocoos is serious!)

A child’s birthday party is very special event in the life of a child (and for the parents!) You have invited family, friends, classmates (and possibly even their parents), neighbors, and even coworkers! The pressure is “On!” This is truly a special day and you want everything to be perfect. The last thing you want to worry about is will the clown show up and will the entertainment be age appropriate!

No matter how good an entertainer may be they are worthless if they do not show up! The entertainer not showing up for the party is probably the #1 fear for parents! A clown not showing up for a birthday celebration (or any venue) is like Santa Claus not showing up for Christmas – inexcusable!

Boocoos will make every attempt possible to make your Birthday Special Event – memorable, fun, and entertaining event for your birthday child, family, friends, and all of your guest!

Just a little shade makes all of the difference in the world
in the Hot Texas Summer Sun!

Coloring Book Pages for the Kids!

Birthday Party Pricing

· Weekend Birthday Party Pricing - Friday Evening through Sunday.

· Discounted Price for Week Day Birthday Parties - Monday through Friday Afternoon.

· Discounted Pricing when Birthday Party is held at a Children’s Day Care School!

· Outdoor Parties during the summer June, July, and August, have a $25.00 Summer Heat Surcharge!


to assure your date and time
for your Special Event!

Boocoos the Clown is a member of the World Clown Association and is Insured through the World Clown Association.

For more information on Birthday Parties please go to Party Tips

Please read Clown RULES!

on how to make your Birthday Party a Very Special Event for the Birthday Child, the Parents, siblings, family, friends, & neighbors, and schoolmates!


A successful Child’s Birthday Party requires adult supervision! Please advise the children NOT to pull a Clown’s Nose, Santa’s beard, or the Easter Bunny’s tail! When you hear the performer say, “Hands to Yourself!” the entertainer Needs Your Adult/Parental Intervention!!!

Also if the kids try to get into and open Boocoos’ Clown Box, tell the children to get out of the box. If the kids try to get into Boocoos pockets filled with balloon, tell the kids to “STOP! Hands to Yourself.”

Do not let the children to stand on Boocoos’ Clown Trunk, Boocoos will tell them to get down; that they may fall and hurt themselves.

Children get rambunctious and excited during Boocoos’ High Energy Clown Show; for the best memorable party it requires your supervision!

• Balloons in Boocoos’ pocket. Boocoos carries a wide variety of balloons to satisfy children’s balloon request. There is probably $200.00 in balloons in Boocoos’ pocket. When a child get in Boocoos’ pocket and grabs a handful of balloons; that is costing Boocoos $10-$20 dollars! Please keep the kids out of performer’s pockets!

• In my Boocoos Clown Trunk I carry very specialized props that usually cannot be purchased locally and are expensive. I recently lost one special red bounce ball. One ball out of a three ball set means NO juggling bounce tricks. The replacement set was $30.00 plus shipping: So Please Keep Children out of Boocoos Clown Box!

This is a NEW Feature! Boocoos the Clown would love to hear from you! Send Boocoos your Birthday Party and Special Event Pictures and Comments!


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Bring laughter to others!
Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself!
Don’t take life to seriously!
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