Boocoos the Clown

Boocoos the Clown's NEW Changes & Look for 2018

Starting in 2018 Boocoos the Clown will be sporting a new look with a beard. 

Why the Change? Boocoos is getting older. Boocoos has been around since 1984. Boocoos is a grandfather and a great-grandfather. Boocoos may be getting older but that does not mean that Boocoos is slowing down! Boocoos is still and will always be the same loveable, high-energy character.

Boocoos the Clown's Phone Number:

BIRTHDAY PARTY Availability & Pricing
Please call Sharon
With Fun Time Entertainment

Boocoos the Clown is very busy during the Festival Summer and Fall Festival Months!
May through August and 
October through December!

Please leave date & time of your event and I will get back to you with Pricing & Availability as Fast as I can!
You can also check out Boocoos the Clown’s availability
by clicking on the "Calendar" button on the Navigation bar!

Boocoos the Clown
The Magical Juggling Clown
Experienced & Dependable
Quality Children's Entertainment Since 1984!

Boocoos the Clown is Insured through
the World Clown Association.

Performing and Entertaining Children
Throughout the Dallas – Forth Worth Metroplex & Beyond!

Boocoos is the same Clown With or "Without Makeup!"

* Comedy Magic * Juggling * Balloons *
Clown Antics * Buffoonery * Slapstick Comedy
Plate Spinning & Balancing Tricks
Parasol & Ball Spinning
POI Flag Spinning
Neon Glow Light Ball & Club Juggling
Rainbow Ribbon Sky Writing

* Adorable Clown Character from Gentle to Crazy!

Boocoos the Clown's Motto!

Laugh every day!
Bring laughter to others!
Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself!
Don’t take life toooo seriously!
And never grow old...
Always remain a child at heart.

BOOCOOS the Magical Juggling Clown has been entertaining children and adults alike, throughout the Dallas – Ft. Worth Metroplex and Beyond!

BOOCOOS is a one-man "Circus" and has been popular for
Clown Shows, Birthday Parties, Festivals, Fairs, Business Promotions, Grand Openings, Special Events, Holiday Programs, Company Parties and Picnics.

BOOCOOS knows how to adapt to most every situation: From small Birthday Parties for young children to Clown Shows for large groups of children of all ages and adults to Business Grand Openings and Promotions where Boocoos knows how to get a lot of visual attention without being obnoxious!

BOOCOOS the Magical Juggling Clown entertains children with his clown antics, buffoonery, slapstick comedy, comedy magic, and “Real Clown Skills” juggling, plate spinning and balancing tricks, parasol & ball spinning, balloon twisting, and much, much more!

BOOCOOS even performs Ribbon Sky Writing and NEON Glow Light Juggling Balls and Clubs – a great crowd pleaser at Santa’s Village in Richardson!

BOOCOOS Experience! Boocoos has been entertaining children since 1984! Boocoos knows how to entertain children of all ages; from Toddlers to Senior Citizens. Boocoos has entertained children with learning and physical disabilities at birthday parties, daycare schools, and kids in the hospital. Boocoos believes that we all have "Special Needs!"

Boocoos the Clown is soooo much more than just a balloon twister! Boocoos makes each and every child & balloon Special! Boocoos is personal with each child and entertaining all at the same time. The kids enjoy watching the other kids get their balloons! Boocoos is more than just a balloon twisting vending machine... Boocoos makes it "Boocoos of FUN!" with "Boocoos of Balloons!"

BOOCOOS is a “Children’s Entertainer” with or without clown makeup! Boocoos entertains children as his "Silly Self" a Happy Human! Boocoos has entertained as a “Balloon Twister” and as a "Juggler" without clown makeup!

If you have young children that are afraid of clowns – show the child the video below "Real Clown Skills" this video should relieve a child's anxiety and make them comfortable to meet Boocoos the Clown! Boocoos can perform without clown makeup!

Boocoos is very Dependable! Boocoos has worked hard to be at your Special Event on time. Paying the Performer Please be courteous and pay performer promptly after their performance! The performer may have another Special Event after your party! Help the Performer get to their next engagement on time!
Thank you! & WooHoo!

To Ensure a Successful Birthday Party:

Boocoos' Party Tips!

IMPORTANT: Please Read the Clown Rules!”

Boocoos the Clown “Real Clown Skills”
Windows Media Player

Clown Shows
Walk-a-Round Entertainment
Balloon Twister
For Your Special Event!

Walk-a-Round Entertainment filled with Impromptu Clown Shows, Balloon Twisting, Juggling, and More!

Festival & Fairs!

Boocoos the Clown at the "Stars & Stripes"
Independence Day 4th of July Celebration!

Boocoos the Clown at the Red River Revel Arts Festival
Shreveport, Louisiana October 2010

Boocoos the Clown at the Red River Revel
Windows Media Player

Boocoos has "Real Clown Skills"

*Comedy Magic

*Juggling: Ball & Club Juggling; even Tambourine Juggling

*Lighted Neon Glow Ball & Club Juggling!

*Plate Spinning

*Balancing Tricks

*Parasol & Ball Spinning

*Balloon Twister

*Sky Ribbon Writing!

Clown Shows!

Boocoos the Clown at Providence House Slideshow April 2011

Boocoos at the Ennis Public Library 2010

Boocoos the Clown...
Great for Your Special Event!

*Birthday Parties

*Grand Openings

*Corporate Events & Promotions

*Company Parties & Picnics

*School Festivals and Programs

*Children's Day Care Shows

*Library Reading Club Programs:
"The Silly Stuff" Clown Show and the
"Where Do Clowns Come From?" Clown Show

Boocoos the Clown Slide Show
Windows Media Player

Holiday Programs

*Halloween/Fall Festivals

*Christmas Shows: Breakfast with Santa

*Easter Shows: Breakfast with the Easter Bunny

*Country Club Holiday Programs

*Benefits & Fund Raisers

*Clown Shows for Scout Blue & Gold Banquets

*Clown Shows for Indian Princesses

Boocoos the Clown
NEON GLOW Juggling
Windows Media Player

to assure your date and time
for your Special Event!


IMPORTANT: Please Read the Clown Rules!”

Where You May Have Seen Boocoos?

Boocoos the Clown has been entertaining families and children throughout the Dallas – Ft. Worth metroplex area:
Santa’s Village in Richardson (for the past 4 years)
Red River Revel Festival in Shreveport Louisiana (for over 10 years)
Red River Valley Fair in Paris, Texas
Grand Openings for Albertson’s Grocery throughout Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi
Grand Openings for Capital One Banks
Boocoos has entertained at the Rodgers & O’Brien Construction Christmas Party at the Las Colinas Country Club (for over 10 years).

You may have seen Boocoos at:;

Daz Out with Thomas the Train in Grapevine, TX, Old City Park Dallas, Dallas Art Fest, Dallas Montage, Taste of Texas, The Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas Women’s Club, Irving Cultural Arts, Southfork Ranch, The Science Place, The West End in Downtown Dallas, Kid’s Film Festival, and just about every major shopping center, mall, country club, and library in the Dallas–Ft.Worth metroplex area!

Six Flags in Arlington, The Dr. Pepper Park in Frisco, The Bill Bates Dude Ranch north of McKinney, Boo at the Zoo (Dallas & Ft.Worth), From Kaboom Town in Addison to Your Town… Boocoos has been everywhere – somewhere at one time or another!

”I am always somewhere…
at all times!”

Boocoos the Clown

“Thank you once again for your participation in the Child Health & Safety Day sponsored by the E.D.S. Health & Fitness Division. Your enthusiasm and energy helped make this event more festive and fun for all of the children. We look forward to working with you again in the future.”
Jack Sparks
Dallas Manager, Health & Fitness Division

“We had various entertainment throughout our 1987 Fair (Paris, Texas), but, Boocoos topped off anything we offered to the public. He drew large crowds wherever he went on the fairgrounds. Many adults were as interested in his actions as the kids. He promised us a good, hardworking fair week and we got just that.”
Steve Matney
Entertainment Chairman
Red River Valley Fair Assn.
Rita Haynes
Executive Director

“The staff raves about you and this year there are wonderful expressive photographs and now even a video tape that captures the excitement. Thank you so much for performing for the Irving Public Library System.”
Julie Judd
Children’s Services Coordinator
Irving Public Library System

“One of the best clowns I’ve ever seen!”
Osten Aune
A.K.A. “Boocoos” the Clown

“...All of the planning, preparation, rehearsals, and time and effort you spent showed in your delightful, genuinely funny show. Kids and adults alike enjoyed the antics of the clowns, the magic, slapstick, juggling, and audience participation in your fun filled performance. Thank you again for so positively creating the evening’s enjoyment for Plano families.
Lynn B. Welsch
Vines Recreation Center Supervisor
Parks and Recreation Department

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